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Charitan Foundation for the Needy (CFN)

Who We Are:

The Charitan Foundation for the Needy is a non-profit organization instituted by the Apostles of Divine Charity to help the poor, the less-privileged, and the destitute members of the society. People classified under this category are the indigent children (including poor orphans), poor widows and widowers, and those facing rejections of various sorts in the society. Our primary focus is to provide as much aid as possible to people who legitimately fall under this category in our society today. This organization is also aimed at empowering youth, especially the jobless and those who have hunger to go to school but have none to fund their education.

Our Offer

We provide full and part scholarships, establish businesses, provide vocational training (such as carpentry work, plumbing, building construction, welding, electrical work, mechanical work, computer education, catering, craftsmanship, tailoring, and other vocational training) to eligible persons.

Who Are Eligible for Our Offer?

Our offer is exclusively meant for the poor and low income earners. This means that for one to be eligible to get any of our offers, one must be economically in need. For instance, our scholarship is for indigent children who are interested in going to school, are intellectually capable of learning but have none to fund their education. We must ascertain that the beneficiaries of our scholarships and offers are honestly economically in need before granting any offer.

How do we ascertain that? We will dig into the applicant’s family background to understand if he/she does have parents and/or siblings who are capable of sponsoring his/her education. Those who have capable people to take care of their economic needs are not eligible to get our offer. However, an applicant who gets no support from his/her relatives, out of negligence or similar reasons, is eligible to get our offer. In a nutshell, once we ascertain that the applicant is eligible through our screening process outlined below, we will not hesitate to provide the applicant with any available offer.

However, anyone discovered to have faked any information to get our offer will immediately be disqualified, even if his application has been approved or granted. Such a person may be permanently disqualified from getting any of our offers in future. Sincerity and honesty is highly encouraged at every stage in the application process.


  • Screening process

    The screening process comprises completion of the application forms, which involves some paper works. Those seeking scholarships may be required to be tested academically through an examination, and oral interview based on the information in the paper work (the oral interview is applicable to all offer applicants). Upon the completion of all the paper works and oral interview, the applicant’s family house will be visited and a meeting or one-one-one interaction will be held between our delegates and the applicant’s family members, including siblings and parents.

    The applicant is responsible for arranging for the availability of his/her family members during our visit. Before the application form is released to the applicant, he/she must bring a recommendation letter from his parish priest or pastor. If the applicant is nonreligious or nondenominational, he/she will be required to get a recommendation letter from a man or a woman of high moral reputation in his/her community.

    After the family visit, the applicant’s parish priest or pastor (or the man or woman recommending him/her from his/her community) will be visited for another one-on-one meeting with the Charitan delegates. This last meeting concludes the screening process. Please, note that we can decide to do some other background checks openly or secretly, that is, with or without the applicant’s prior knowledge.

  • Who May Not Apply for Our Offer?

    Economically capable persons, including those whose family members are economically stable, may not apply for our offer. Notoriously violent persons are not eligible for our offer. Dishonest people are also not eligible to apply for our offer. People with confirmed criminal background are ineligible to get our offer.

    People outside the region where we have an office may not apply. For instance, if we have an office in the Eastern Nigeria, only the Eastern Nigerians are eligible to apply through that office; other Nigerians are ineligible to apply through that particular office. The same thing is true about other Nigerian regions: North, West, and South-West.

  • Supporting Documents

    All CFN offer applicants must provide the following documents to support their application: 1) Photocopies of all previous educational certificates (or result sheets, if application); 2) Recommendation letter from your parish priest or pastor or religious leader; 3) A photocopy of your baptismal certificate (if you are baptized) or a photocopy of your birth certificate (if you are unbaptized or nonreligious); 4) A photocopy of your National Identification Card (if you have one); 5) A letter of identification from your local community leader/chief stating you are indigenous to that community and that you are of a reputable character, 6) A letter of recommendation from a man/woman of high moral reputation in your community (required only if you are nonreligious or belong to no religious denomination).

    NOTE: Included in the application package is a “Document Check List.” Please, check “X” under “Available” if the document is enclosed in the application package you will return to us, and “N/A” under “Not Applicable (N/A)” if the document does not apply to you. Leave vacant, if the document is unavailable or not enclosed. You can find this in the application requirement pdf file below when you download it.


Charitan Missionaries / Apostles of Divine Charity

The Apostles of Divine Charity is founded exclusively to help the poor and serve their needs. Anyone who wishes to participate in this so divinely motivated mission or become a member of the Charitan Missionaries must, as a matter of fact, inculcate an ardent and a burning desire for working with the poor and the underprivileged people of God. He has to see the priesthood of Jesus Christ from the perspective of service, not acquisition of honor and/or wealth. He must wish to devote the rest of his life time, and sacrifice all his material and spiritual possessions exclusively to the service of the neglected poor and the less-privileged members of the society.

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