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About The Catholic Diocese of Obala, Our Home

The Diocese of Obala was created from the Archdiocese of Yaounde in 1987, with the Most Rev. Owono Mimboe as first bishop. Since 2010, Bishop Sosthène Léopold Bayémi Matjei has administered it. Geographically, the Catholic Diocese of Obala is located in the central region of Cameroon and covers two territories, namely, Lékié and Haute Sanaga. Its territory in terms of the landmass is about 14849 Kilometer-square.

Demographically, the Catholic Diocese of Obala has an estimated population of over 800,000 inhabitants. It is composed of an active, laborious and dynamic population. Its youth is dense, especially in the territory of Lékié where the birth rate is very high, already leading to a relative overpopulation. The diocese is mostly inhabited by Bamvélé, Yessoum, Eton, Manguissa. There are also ethnic groups from other regions of Cameroon.

The Diocese of Obala, though very rich in faith and culture, is challenged by tremendous economic needs and threatened by absolute poverty. Being a young and rural diocese, the diocese of Obala is still struggling to make a significant impact in the life of its poor faithful members. The diocese has 60 parishes, 3 quasi parishes, a higher institute (ISSAEER), 8 secondary schools, 41 school groups, 14 primary schools and 5 private kindergartens.

The Catholic Diocese of Obala is the home of the Apostles of Divine Charity (Charitan Missionaries). Our Mother House and Formation House (Pre-Novitiate and Novitiate) are both located at the center of the diocese. We are richly involved in various ministries with the people of God within the diocese. We are blessed to be a part of this so noble a diocese.

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In order to carry out our mission successfully, the Apostles of Divine Charity solicit the support of men and women of good will. This support can be done by adopting one or two of our seminarians, that is, by funding their education, seminary formation or training. Every year, we spend at least $2,000.00 on training each of our seminarians. One can also support us by making monetary donations towards our mission. We are appreciative of the support of our Benefactors and Benefactresses whose financial contributions have gone a very long may in carrying out our mission so far. We pray for them daily and always keep them in our thoughts. Please, deposit your monetary donations to the applicable under listed bank account:

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